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Safety & Environment


St. John’s International Airport Authority is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all of its employees, contractors, visitors, and other parties while on Airport property and beyond.

In keeping with this commitment, the objectives of the various Safety Programs at St. John’s International Airport Authority include:

  1. Shaping a corporate culture of safety that promotes awareness and good attitudes to detecting, revealing and eliminating hazards.
  2. Implementing a pro-active safety management system (SMS), which is based on the involvement of all employees and all users.
  3. Maintaining a working environment that is safe and healthy for employees and all users. Management ensures that airport facilities and equipment meet required safety standards and specifications for their optimum performance and safe operational status.

St. John’s International Airport Authority’s Safety Management System Policy

The safety management system policy defines the fundamental approach to the management of safety by St. John’s International Airport Authority. The objectives of the policy include:

  • The promotion of an organizational culture of safety.
  • The establishment of safety as a core value.
  • The minimization of accidents at the Airport.
  • The promotion of compliance with applicable safety standards.

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We believe everyone has a role to play in protecting our environment. St. John’s International Airport Authority recognizes the need to protect our natural resources while continuing to meet the demands of a growing air travel industry.

We believe that responsible decision-making does not begin and end with finances. We strive annually to minimize the impact of airport operations on the natural environment and local community. It is for this reason that we invested significantly into the construction of a world-class, 45,000 square metre Central De-icing Facility. Not only does it improve airport efficiencies and safety in operations, it also allows us to more easily capture and control the release of effluent remaining after the aircraft has been de-iced.

We have also invested in equipment that takes advantage of newer, more effective and environmentally friendly ice control materials. For the first time ever, Operations has the ability to apply ice control materials in both liquid and solid form.

Environment Policy

The St. John’s International Airport Authority is committed to protecting the environment. We will:

  • Serve St. John’s growing need for air travel, while protecting the environment and the health and safety of employees, airport users, neighbours and the traveling public at large.
  • Ensure that all practices and procedures are in compliance with federal, provincial and municipal laws.
  • Promote environmental awareness among Airport Authority employees and tenants.
  • Work closely with all levels of government to implement responsible environmental programs.
  • Subject all new airport developments and projects to internal environmental review.
  • Maintain plans and procedures to effectively deal with environmental emergencies.
  • Conduct regular reviews to assess the environmental condition of the airport.
  • Conduct environmental audits.
  • Provide appropriate environmental training to Airport Authority staff.

Corporate Standards

A number of operational plans have been developed to manage the environment. These include:

  • Environmental Management Program
  • Environmental Emergency Contingency Plan
  • Water Quality Monitoring Program
  • Bird & Wildlife Management Plan
  • Glycol Operations Management Plan
  • Noise Pollution Planning

Carbon Management Policy

The St. John’s International Airport Authority recognizes the challenges and environ­mental impacts associated with climate change. We understand and accept that it is part of our responsibility and obligation to conduct our operations with environmental sustainabil­ity at the forefront and with a goal of continually reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emis­sions. Our full Carbon Management Policy is available here.

Comments or questions concerning any Safety or Environmental issues at St. John’s International Airport should be directed to:

Mr. Philip O’Connell
Manager, Safety, Security & Environment
Phone: (709) 758-8760
Fax: (709) 758-8530