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Services for Airlines

St. John’s International Airport is a modern, world-class facility that welcomes commercial, corporate and military aircraft on a daily basis.

Our offering

Infrastructure and Capacity

Terminal Building

The existing Terminal Building is 175,000 square feet in size and has the following attributes for airlines operating at our airport:

  • 8 aircraft gates
  • 5 passenger loading bridges
  • Common-use check-in facilities (CUPPs)
  • 3 baggage carousels (arrivals)
  • Customs area for international flights
  • Overnight aircraft parking
  • Employee parking

With the unprecedented growth that has been experienced for more than a decade, an expansion plan is in place to double the size of the terminal building in order to accommodate two million annual passengers annually by 2021 and to expand the apron areas. This will allow for additional overnight parking for aircraft, two new aircraft gates, and three additional passenger loading bridges.

Here’s a look at where we’re going over the next 10 years:

Airport Improvement & Expansion Plan

Aircraft Parking

As an Airport located on the edge of the continent, many airlines choose to start and end their day in St. John’s, creating a need for overnight aircraft parking. Parking is available for commercial airlines on the Airport Terminal Apron. At 45,000 square metres, the central de-icing facility also offers parking for overflow and large aircraft, both commercial and military aircraft, especially during the de-icing off-season.

Parking for corporate and military aircraft may be provided by the Fixed Based Operators (FBOs).

Choice of Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) and Ground Handling Services

There are three FBOs and three ground-handling companies that operate at St. John’s International Airport, providing choice and competitive rates to airlines and aircraft operators.

The Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) located at St. John’s International Airport include the following:

The ground handling companies operating at St. John’s International Airport include the following:


We continue to invest in our emergency response resources and capabilities. We maintain Category 7 emergency response coverage and up to Category 8 coverage within an hour’s notice. As the most easterly airport in North America and being located within 10 minutes from the leading health care centre in the Province, it is not uncommon for international flights to stop in St. John’s with a medical emergency. These airlines can be assured we have the trained professional staff and the infrastructure to manage such events.


St. John’s International Airport is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and welcomes new airlines and aircraft to our facilities. Located less than 10 km from the city’s downtown core and adjacent to the highway, the Airport can be considered a downtown airport without any noise restrictions or curfews. Although the airport has experienced a significant increase in the number of airlines flying into St. John’s, there are no slot controls. Customs can also be made available 24 hours a day.