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Corporate Information

St. John’s International Airport Authority (SJIAA) is a not-for-profit, private corporation (established in 1998) responsible for the management, maintenance and development of St. John’s International Airport on behalf of the region it serves. The community’s interests are represented through a diverse Board of Directors, nominated by various stakeholders in the region. Whether it’s in the area of enhancing safety and security, shaping the customer experience, maintaining environmental stewardship, fiscal responsibility or introducing best business practices, we strive to be at the forefront. The Authority continues to embrace its role as a catalyst for the economic growth of the region.

Working with our partners, our mission is to deliver an outstanding airport experience and facilitate our region’s economic development. We believe there is no greater challenge than that of exceeding expectations and it’s a challenge the SJIAA readily accepts.

In fulfilling this Mission, the Airport Authority will develop and operate St. John’s International Airport as one that supports the economic and social needs of our region, providing aviation facilities and services that achieve:

  • High standards of safety and security
  • Operational and environmental integrity
  • Excellence in passenger service

Our passengers matter to us. We believe passenger expectations have evolved and we need to evolve with them. Increasing their satisfaction is our goal. In each quarter of the year, we speak directly to them through our Passenger Satisfaction Surveys and Passenger Advisory Panel, which is a group of frequent travelers and users of this facility.

We are a place of family connections and hellos and goodbyes. From “wheels down“ to “wheels up” we want our airport patrons to have a first-class experience. It’s part of being a good partner and forms the basis of our vision to be a leader in our community and industry, providing exceptional facilities and services as Newfoundland & Labrador’s premier gateway.