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Airport Employees

It takes a lot of people to operate an airport. It’s more than a place to work – it’s a community. The key organizational body is St. John’s International Airport Authority (SJIAA). SJIAA manages the overall operations, planning and development of the airport and has a number of more specific mandates, including:

  • Ensuring a safe and secure environment for travelers and airport employees
  • Ensuring a safe runway system through snow clearing and maintenance
  • Providing emergency services, such as firefighting and first response medical services
  • Providing solid financial management for stability and expansion of facilities
  • Ensuring a positive airport experience for all visitors to the airport
  • Ensuring the travel demands of the region are being met by developing business cases and working with airlines to provide new and additional airline services

However, think of all the community members you may interact with during your stay at the airport. Allow us to introduce you to the Airport Authority’s partners in providing service to passengers:

  • Check-in counter attendants (individual airlines)
  • Baggage handling (ground handling providers)
  • Passenger Security Screening (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority)
  • Air traffic control and related services (NAV CANADA)
  • Food, beverage and gift services (various private companies)
  • Customs and Immigration (Canada Border Services Agency)
  • Taxi service (City Wide Taxi)
  • Rental car companies (six private companies)

For more information on these airport partners, please visit the Airport Partners page.