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Military Aircraft

Although St. John’s International Airport is one of the largest airports in Canada based on civilian traffic, the airport’s strong history and connection with the military is still prevalent today. As the last stop in North America on the way overseas and the first stop after crossing the Atlantic, St. John’s International Airport is strategically positioned for fuel stops and crew rests.

We accommodate over a 1,000 military aircraft landings each year. With the opening of a Central De-icing Facility in 2007, the largest of its kind in Atlantic Canada, additional parking has been made available for larger military aircraft that previously could not be accommodated such as C-17s and C-5s.

The general aviation area of the airport is serviced by three Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). These fuel providers provide superior customer service in taking care of all the needs of their clients, including arranging for transportation, booking hotels and providing in-flight meals. These three FBOs include the following:

The General Aviation area is also home to Air Reserve Flight Torbay, a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) transient servicing unit that provides servicing and support (minus fuel) to all RCAF and NATO aircraft (when requested). Services are provided in accordance with reciprocal cross-servicing agreements with NATO partners for logistics support to visiting military aircraft and crews.