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Management Team

Meet our senior leadership team



Dennis Hogan, Chief Executive Officer
Dennis, along with the Board of Directors, is responsible for establishing the long-term vision for the organization and guiding the senior leadership team in meeting the organization’s strategic objectives.
Lynn-Holwell Lynn Holwell, Executive Assistant
Lynn is responsible for providing administrative support to the CEO, Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team.
©David Howells Laura Gough, Chief Financial Officer
Laura is responsible for achieving the strategic financial goals and fulfilling the Authority’s responsibility for financial stewardship.
Roy Langmead, Manager, Emergency Response & Planning (Acting)
Roy is the Airport’s Fire Chief and is responsible for planning and leading the Airport response in an emergency.
Wayne Morris, Director, Operations
Wayne is responsible for achieving strategic objectives related to all major Airport operational functions.
Scott Kelly, Director, Human Resources
Scott is responsible for planning and implementing the organization’s Human Resources strategies.
Jill Grant, Director, Information Technology
Jill plans and implements the Airport’s all encompassing IT strategy, particularly as it applies to passenger services and internal processes.
Lisa Bragg, Director, Business Development & Marketing
Lisa grows the Airport’s business and markets its services and capabilities locally, nationally and internationally, while ensuring the Airport offers an outstanding experience for its passengers.
©David Howells 2016 Scott Mercer, Director, Infrastructure & Planning
Scott is responsible for the effective management of the Airport’s infrastructure development and strategy.
Jamie Smith, Manager, Airside Services
Jamie is responsible for the effective management of the Airport’s airside services.
Phil-OConnell Philip O’Connell, Manager, Safety, Security & Environment
Philip is responsible for the effective management of the Authority’s health, safety and environmental programs, including the wildlife control program.
Connie Duffett, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Culture and Social Impact
Connie is responsible for the effective management of the organization’s Human Resources strategies.
Steve Denty, Manager, Commercial Development and Customer Experience
Steve is responsible for increasing and diversifying non-aeronautical revenue generation, fostering strategic partnerships and managing passenger-facing terminal operations.
Paul Angel, Manager, Infrastructure
Paul is responsible for providing technical and managerial leadership to the electrical and building maintenance departments.
Adam Churchill, Manager, IT and Cyber Security
Adam is responsible for developing, delivering and supporting strategic initiatives as part of the Airport Authority’s continued journey in digital transformation.