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Outside Terminal

Roundabout and Cell Phone Waiting Lot

The new roundabout and cell phone waiting lot on World Parkway are designed to manage the anticipated increase in traffic flows, especially with a number of new developments planned for the area that include a service (gas) station, a rental car facility and two hotels. Roundabouts are safer for pedestrians and motorists due to slower speeds and one-way circulation.  They are efficient and result in less noise, less fuel consumption and less air pollution.

To watch the roundabout safety video, please click the image below:

The new cell phone waiting lot allows people who plan to pick up passengers at the curb to wait in this free parking lot until the passenger arrives. Free Wi-Fi is available in this parking lot while the drivers wait, allowing them to track the progress of the awaiting flight.


Roundabout Rules

Passenger Vehicles:

  • Take note of signs, slow down and select the proper lane for your destination (see above).
  • Be aware of crosswalks and stop for pedestrians.
  • Yield to traffic in all lanes to your left before entering. Proceed when there is a safe gap.
  • Remain in your lane to your exit. If you miss your exit, continue through the roundabout until you see the exit again.
  • Large vehicles may need to occupy both lanes. Do not drive next to them in the roundabout.
  • Truck drivers may use the raised truck apron as needed to make turns with tractor trailers.
  • No backing up in the roundabout.
  • Traffic in the circle has the right of way.


  • Cross only at marked crosswalks.
  • Raised splitter islands allow crossing one direction of traffic at a time.
  • Extend your arm and indicate your intention to cross, then wait for a safe gap in traffic. Make eye contact with drivers to make sure they see you.
  • Cross to the traffic island, then wait for a safe gap in the other traffic direction.
  • Never cross to the center island.

Emergency Vehicles:

  • If the emergency vehicle is not yet in the roundabout, pull over to the right to allow the emergency vehicle to pass.
  • If you are in the roundabout, proceed to your exit. Continue past the splitter island, then pull over to the right.
  • Never stop or reverse in the roundabout.